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Polished and Put Together
with Shirley Borrelli, BEd, Professional Image Consultant

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This program is 3-online classes that are:
relevant for men and women
100% convenient as you will have access to the recordings
This program is for you if:
You work in an office environment
You are a manager, supervisor, department head, leader
You work directly with the public
You are in sales
You are a business owner
You work from home
You wear a uniform to work and want to know what to wear
  during your off hours

After taking this program you can expect to:
Make a great impression everytime
Feel more confident
Attract more success
Relate to people in a more positive manner
Be treated with more respect
Gain more cooperation and trust from people
Receive compliments
Become an inspiration to those around you

The time-tested and proven advice in this program will have an immediate positive impact on your confidence and success.
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"The Business Casual course is excellent, I am not through it yet but worth every penny!!!!!"
Deb McPherson, Systems Analyst